How we safeguard personal data

It is important that you should feel confident that your personal data is secure with us. Here you can see what we do to safeguard information against loss, misuse, accidental access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

Technical, organisational, and administrative security measures

Work on security starts right back in the development of new solutions and systems. We evaluate the risks associated with all functions and systems, and we and security-test solutions and systems so that errors and weaknesses are avoided as far as possible. Solutions and systems that are in production and processing your information are constantly updated and monitored so errors are avoided or detected as quickly as possible.

SpareBank 1 has its own team working exclusively on security incidents and loopholes that could put your personal data at risk. This team also works on systems that are outside SpareBank 1, such as fake web pages that trick customers into entering personal information and other secrets.

SpareBank 1 is continually working to maintain the security of its systems and solutions. This includes the appropriate use of security technologies, such as encryption and firewalls, as well as developing other measures that support security in SpareBank 1. Key measures are a separate management system for information security, access control, nonconformance management and training. For example, all employees of SpareBank 1 receive regular training on information security so the people who process your personal data have a good knowledge of what it takes to keep your information safe. 


How you can enhance your own security

With some simple steps you can also enhance the security of your personal data. Click here and read about:

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