Our history

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank's roots go back to 1839. Join us on a journey through our history.

1839 - Customs office Brodahl sees a need in Egersund

The first bank that today forms part of SpareBank 1 SR-Bank is established. Egersund Sparebank is founded with capital of 56 Norwegian specidaler, around NOK 224. The herring fishery, salting factory and fish exports that provide most people with their livelihoods create the need for a savings bank.

1852 - Farmers need equipment and people need food

In the middle of the 1800s, an agricultural revolution takes place in Rogaland. The farmers need a dairy and modern equipment to increase food production. Finnøy Sparebank, which later becomes SR-Bank, is one of the first rural banks to furnish the farmers with the credit they need for their new investments.

1913 - Bright ideas from the great beyond

Theodor Nordaas literally sees the light at the Paris World's Fair in 1889, and brings the idea of electrical light home with him. 18 years later, Sands Herred Sparebank (Sand Sparebank), the future SR-Bank, purchases the waterfall rights to Hiimsfossen as a gift for the municipality. A number of savings banks follow this model and give light to the people.

1976 - The region’s new need for capital leads to a binding partnership

13 savings banks merge to form Sparebanken Rogaland. Two of these banks account for eleven independent savings banks that had merged at an earlier point. SR-Bank's total assets amount to NOK 1.5 billion and it has 350 staff. The Ekofisk find in the North Sea seven years earlier means huge revenues for and massive investments in Rogaland. It is the region's new need for capital that forms the basis for the binding partnership.

1994 - A necessary measure to strengthen equity

SR-Bank (Sparebanken Rogaland) lists its primary capital certificates on the Oslo Stock Exchange. This is necessary to strengthen the bank's equity at a difficult time for Norwegian banks.

1996 - The start of a nationwide alliance

SR-Bank is one of the founders of SpareBank 1, an alliance consisting of SR-Bank, Sparebanken Nord Norge, Sparebanken Vest and Sparebanken Midt Norge. Under the SpareBank 1 name, the banks collaborate on insurance products, fund management, financial services, technology and brand building.

2012 - On the stock exchange to create value for the region

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank is converted into a public limited company so it can continue to fulfil its purpose: to create value in the region of which we are a part. The most important goal is satisfying the region's need for capital. 

2020 - Growing outside Rogaland

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank has more than 350,000 customers and NOK 219 billion in gross loans. We are Norway's second largest financial services group and have a national distribution network. We have a physical presence in Rogaland, Vestland, Agder, Oslo and Viken. The largest proportion of the bank’s total lending growth now comes from outside Rogaland County.

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Our feet are firmly planted in Southern and Western Norway, but we still look to the horizon so we can adapt as our customers' needs change. As the region's most attractive provider of financial services we are the very symbol of Southern and Western Norway's capacity for creation.

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