Can I use Swedish BankID to log in to SR-Bank?

Swedish BankID cannot be used in SpareBank 1 SR-Bank yet. A technical solution to allow the use of Swedish BankID is being developed, but for now customer relationships have to be established by online bank users having either Norwegian BankID or a D-number from the Norwegian Tax Administration.

If you do not have Norwegian BankID or a D-number, we will help you apply for a D-number from the Tax Administration. Users with a D-number can use our online bank as normal when they use SpareBank 1’s ‘Without BankID’ login solution. All future customer and account agreements will have to be signed manually until Swedish BankID is in place. It takes the Tax Administration a certain amount of time to process D-number applications.

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank will therefore contact you soon to start the process. You can prepare for the process by producing a clear overview of who will be the users of the online bank and asking them to obtain a verified copy of their passport/national ID card, which should be sent to us when we contact you.