How do I apply for a D-number from the Norwegian Tax Administration?

The fastest way to get a D-number is to visit our branch in Hieronymus Heyerdahlsgate 1 in Oslo so that we can verify your identity. You must book an appointment in advance. Bring your passport or national ID card (EU ID card) and we will verify your identity and affirm that the copy of your proof of identity is a legal copy verified in person.

We will then apply for a D-number for you from the Tax Administration. If you are unable to apply for a D-number by visiting our branch in person, you must send us a notarised digital copy of your passport or national ID card via email and the original notarised copy in the post. Remember that the copy must be verified by a notary public in your home country and must be of good quality as it will be read digitally.

The original notarised copy must be sent by post to:
Attn. BM Digital Portefølje
Postboks 250

After receiving and checking your documentation and a notarised copy of your proof of identity, we will conduct a videoconference to verify your identity. Please note that for security reasons, we need to conduct separate Teams meetings for each individual user whose identity is being verified. Each invitation will be sent to the signatory, who can then forward the invitation to respective users.

We will then order a D-number from the Tax Administration. It takes the Tax Administration a certain amount of time to process D-number applications. Therefore, we ask that the person for whom a D-number is being ordered contact us and inform us of their new D-number as soon as they receive it from the Tax Administration. We will then be able to set up ‘Without BankID’. Please note that the bank only creates an administrator in Nettbank Bedrift. The administrator is then able to log in to your online bank and create new users.