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Shareholder policy

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank's objective is to manage the bank's resources in such a manner that shareholders receive a yield in the form of dividends and a value increase which is competitive in relation to comparable investments.

Dividend policy 

The financial objective of SpareBank 1 SR-Bank’s operations is to achieve earnings that yield adequate, stable returns on the bank’s equity, thereby creating value for owners through competitive returns in the form of dividends and share appreciation.

In determining the size of the annual dividend, considerations will be made toward the group's capital, including capital adequacy requirements and the group's goals and strategic plans. Unless capital requirements otherwise dictate, the goal of the board is that approximately half of the annual profit after tax is distributed. 

Disclosure of acquisition or disposal of major holdings 

The Securities Trading Act section 4-2 regulates disclosure requirements of major shareholdings, rights etc. for companies listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Grensen for flagging av erverv av større aksje- og egenkapitalbevisposter og rettigheter til aksjer/egenkapitalbevis er detaljert regulert i verdipapirhandelsloven som ble endret i 2008. Loven gjelder tilsvarende ved reduksjon til eller passering av grenser nevnt ovenfor.

Eventuelle flaggemeldinger for SpareBank 1 SR-Bank siste 12 måneder finner du på meldingssystemet til Oslo Børs.

Account operator / Issuer: 
SpareBank 1 SR-Bank ASA
Postboks 250
4066 Stavanger 

Jan Kristian Byberg
Phone: +47 51 50 93 68