Important information regarding BankID

All websites that use BankID for login and signing are currently experiencing technical issues. The main issue is that log in attempts and signing up with BankID does not work on the first try. Those who try again, or later in the day, usually succeed in the end. This applies to all BankID’s issued in Norway.

If you have experienced difficulties when logging in with BankID, we recommend that you use SpareBank1’s engangskode-app, which is our One Time Password (OTP) app. Our OTP-app works even if BankID has problems. Remember to select the engangskode-app option in the login screen.

If you're logging in as a business, you can use BankID on your mobile. 

If you want to log in to websites outside SpareBank 1, such as corona passports or public services, BankID on your mobile or BankID is the only option. If your login attempts are unsuccessful, we recommend that you try again, and preferably before 09.00 or after 19.00.

See the latest updated info and status for BankID services at

Beware of fraud attempts. Scammers often try to exploit instability and errors in the BankID service. This is how you avoid being scammed

Spørsmålikon med bakgrunn.

Ofte stilte spørsmål

BankID recently had a system operator change. Moving a complex and secure service such as BankID to a new provider is not possible without some startup issues and adjustments of the service.

The issues have, however unfortunately been somewhat more extensive than expected and Vipps (who run BankID) and the new supplier have so far not been able to find the root cause of the problems. There is an ongoing extensive project to make the correct adjustments to secure a stable service.

When many people log in with BankID, the system slows down, and many experience that BankID "freezes" and no more input is possible. Some are able to type in their information but get error message BID-20b0 or 2031.

The periods with the highest traffic on BankID are from around 09:00 AM and until around kl 07:00 PM in the evening.

If you get error message BID-20b0 or 2031, you do not need to contact your bank. Try again or you can use the Engangskode-app (one-time code app) on SpareBank 1 private customer services. Remember to select the Engangskode-app in the login screen. Engangskode-app has worked without issue throughout the period.

Unfortunately, the Engangskode-app cannot be used for signing. If you have to use BankID, but cannot enter anything, try again later. To avoid the system traffic queue that occurs in the middle of the day, try to log in before 09.00 AM or after 07.00 PM.

BankID recently had a system operator change to adapt to a new and modern platform and the change is set to make the services better equipped for increased use and better stability in the future. The transition itself and the days after the move went well, but in recent weeks BankID has had limited availability every day when system traffic is high.

There is high focus and follow-up from Vipps and the supplier with extra resources in place to find and fix the problem. Unfortunately, the root cause for problem has not yet been identified. The security of the solution is very important, and it is a complex and intricate system that has to be carefully handled to find the faults. The main focus is to correct the problems as soon as possible.

As the supplier of BankID, Vipps apologies that the service is perceived as unstable and that customers are frustrated. We kindly ask for a little patience until the solution is completely stable again and give our sincere apologies for the inconveniences caused.

All available resources are now working on solving the problems. BankID is a complex service, with high security requirements and strict procedures that must be followed before changes can be made.

To ensure the security and integrity of BankID, it will often take some extra time to find and fix problems and errors than in other less complex solutions.

BankID is Norway's electronic ID solution with 4.3 million users, of which 2.4 million have BankID on Mobile. BankID requires a high level of security for secure identification and electronic signing online. BankID is used for everything from online banking to public services.

So far this year, 875 million BankID logins and signings have been completed, compared with 840 million for last year. This means that BankID is used around 2,5 million times every day, and the use of BankID is increasing year by year.

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