Executive management team

Here is our executive management team.

Liv B. Ulriksen


Bortne Ulriksen has a bachelor degree in fisheries and aquaculture with specialisation in economics. She is a former bank manager at Fokus Bank/Dansk Bank, and has management experience from Fiskeriforskning and Nofima AS.

Number of equity certificates:  85.225 

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Lasse Hagerupsen

Executive vice president Personal Banking

Hagerupsen has a master's in management and is a former bank manager for the retail market at both SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge and Postbanken. He has also previously been Managing Director of Interkraft Capital Management, and Risk Manager and stockbroker at Norse Securities.

Number of equity certificates: 79.514

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Trude Glad

Executive vice president Corporate Banking

Education: Glad has a degree in economics and business administration and has a master of management from the BI School of Economics & Business Administration in Oslo. Former corporate market manager at Sparebanken Nord-Norge, Investor Relations Manager at Rieber & Søn ASA, and Assistant Manager at Norgeskreditt/Vestenfjelske Bykreditt. 

Number of equity certificates: 79.835

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Stein Vidar Loftås

Chief Communications Officer

Loftås has a technical education from the Navy, a bachelor degree in management from BI and a Master's programme in financial crime and corporate social responsibility from BI. He has previously worked in the Navy, been regional director at Telenor and municipal director in the municipality of Tromsø.

Number of equity certificates: 5.189

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Ronni Møller Pettersen

Chief Marketing Officer

Møller Pettersen has a degree in fisheries economics and a masters in economics and business administration. He is a former Managing Director of Nordlys Magazine and a partner in Industrifinans Kapitalforvaltning. He has also been General Manager of Formuesforvaltning Norge and Sales Director at Storebrand.

Number of equity certificates: 36.115 

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Bengt Olsen

Chief Financial Officer

Olsen has a masters in economics and business administration, with one year of extension in international finance. He has previously worked at KPMG, Nordlandsbanken and Catch Communication, and in recent years as CFO and co-director of DIPS AS. Olsen has held several board positions, including three years as a board member of SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge.

Number of equity certificates: 14.157

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Geir Andreassen

Chief Technology Officer

Andreassen has a bachelor degree in auditing, and has previously worked as the Finance Manager and Audit Manager at SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge. He has also worked as an auditor in Noraudit.

Number of equity certificates: 78.450

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Marius Nilsen

Chief Risk Officer

Nilsen holds a master’s degree in business administration (financial accounting). He has previously worked as program manager for the internal audit function and as head of risk management in SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge. He has a background from EY, where he worked as an internal auditor and consultant in Norwegian financial institutions.

Number of equity certificates: 0

Turid Aspenes

Chief of staff

Aspenes is an educated teacher and has managment training from BI Norwegian Business School. She has previously worked as a Human Resource Manager at SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge, in addition to management experience from SpareBank 1 Utvikling and Ibis IKT as. 

Number of equity certificates: 915

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