Quarterly report Q3 2022

  • Pre-tax profit: 1 523 MNOK (1 956)
  • ROE: 10,2 % (14,0 %)
  • CET1 ratio: 18,8 % (18,6 %)
  • C/I ratio: 43,0 % (39,1 %)
  • Losses: -41 MNOK (-123)

Annual report 2021

  • Result for the year: NOK 2,295 million
  • Return on equity: 15.1 %
  • Cost-income ratio: 40.7 %
  • Earnings per equity certificate: NOK 10.24
  • Net income from financial assets: NOK 794 million
  • Common equity Tier 1 ratio: 18.7 %
  • Provision for dividends: NOK 7.00

Green Product Framework

In line with our Sustainability Strategy and commitment to sustainable development, we have established a Green Product Framework to guide our green lending activities.Our ambition is to leverage our role in society to influence companies, our clients, to transition to a low-carbon society, as well as to work to achieve a more sustainable loan portfolio and contribute to a greener security market.

Read about our Green Product Framework (pdf)
Read Ciceros second opinion on the framework (pdf)

Forward-looking bank collaboration in the Helgeland region

SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge and Helgeland Sparebank are to establish a strategic, future-oriented collaboration. SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge will become a long-term owner of Helgeland Sparebank with a stake of 19.99% of that bank’s equity certificates.

Helgeland Sparebank will acquire SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge’s banking business linked to the branches in Helgeland. Helgeland Sparebank will concurrently join the SpareBank 1 Alliance by becoming part of SamSpar.

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