Presentation of 2nd quarter 2020 financial results

Time: Wednesday August 12 at 09:15

Questions to the management in relation to the presentation can be sent to during the presentation. Questions and answers will be read and answered on the livestream.



Quarterly Report Q1 2020

  • Pre-tax profit: 448 MNOK (973)
  • ROE: 11.4 % (28.1 %)
  • CET-1 ratio: 16.7 % (14.6 %)
  • C/I-ratio: 41.6 % (27.5 %)
  • Losses: 119 MNOK (-17)

Quarterly presentation (PDF)
Quarterly report (PDF)

Forward-looking bank collaboration in the Helgeland region

SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge and Helgeland Sparebank are to establish a strategic, future-oriented collaboration. SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge will become a long-term owner of Helgeland Sparebank with a stake of 19.99% of that bank’s equity certificates.

Helgeland Sparebank will acquire SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge’s banking business linked to the branches in Helgeland. Helgeland Sparebank will concurrently join the SpareBank 1 Alliance by becoming part of SamSpar.


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