SR-Bank's sustainability strategy

SR-Bank has chosen three of the UN Sustainable Development Goals that we will focus on to contribute to a more sustainable world. The goals selected are gender equality, decent work and economic growth and climate change.

Our guidelines

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank is committed to its social responsibility and aims for an unambiguous profile in terms of sustainability. 

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Our commitment

We will be a responsible corporate citizen with a clear sustainability profile.

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Our supplier requirements 

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank’s suppliers and contract partners must respect fundamental requirements relating to the environment, social conditions and ethical business practice. 

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Savings and investment

Regardless of whether you save money in an account, in shares, in a share savings account or in a fund, you can be sure that these will be managed responsibly.

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SR-Bank Green Bonds

SR-Bank has set up a programme which enables us to issue green bonds. Green bonds are backed by a pool of green assets, including both retail and commercial loans. Finance Norway recommends in “Roadmap for green competitiveness in Norwegian Financial Sector” that the banks work to contribute to making the bond market greener. This will make the banks more focused on lending to green projects and thereby contribute to the green transition. SR-Banks’ programme includes lending to green residential and commercial buildings as well as clean energy and clean transportation.

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Strong ESG rating

In August 2019, Sustainalytics rated SpareBank 1 SR-Bank's ESG Risk, ranked in 8th position within the Regional Banks subindustry, 87th position within the Banks industry group and 2806th within the global universe.

Sustainalytics considers SpareBank 1 SR-Bank to be at medium risk of experiencing material financial impacts from ESG factors due to its medium exposure and average management of material ESG issues.


How we operate 

  • Overall sustainability guidelines: Worker and human rights (pdf)

    Sustainability guidelines: Agriculture and nature (pdf)

    Guidelines for sustainability in procurement (pdf)

    Responsible investments in SpareBank 1 SR-Bank (pdf)

    Responsible investments in SR-Forvaltning (pdf)

    Sustainability guidelines for the corporate market (pdf).


  • Sustainability report 2019 (pdf)

    Sustainability report 2018 (pdf)

    GRI Index 2018 (pdf)

    Carbon accounting report 2018 (pdf)

    Sustainability-report 2017 (pdf)