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The Annual Report is released

-A demanding year is now behind us.Together with the region, we have emerged on the other side of 2016 stronger. Many companies have managed to reduce their costs, and so did we.We have thus maintained the profitabilitynecessary. Our result for the year confirms this, says CEO Arne Austreid. 

Read more about the financial results and expectations for the future in the Annual Report.

Expectations 2017

Keyfigures 2016

Return on equity 10 %
CET 1 capital ratio 14,7%
Growth in loans -0,9 %
Growth in costs -3,5%
Impairment losses 778 mill. NOK
Dividend share 33%

Targets and estimates 2017

Return on equity 11 %
CET 1 capital ratio 15 %
Growth in loans 2,0 - 4,0 %
Normalised growth in costs 2%
Impairment losses 600-800 mill. NOK
Dividend share >35%


  • Major infrastructure projects helps to ensure good conditions for the region's business and population growth, with moderate unemployment.
  • Expectations concerning future market performance improved somewhat in the last year, but some uncertainty still exists about the group's market area.
  • From record high levels, oil investments are reduced with approximately 16% in 2016, and continue decreasing with approximately 10% in 2017.
  • Uncertainty about economic developments may dampen demand for loans, while low interest rates work in the opposite direction. We expect stable house prices going forward and still strong competition for new home mortgage customers.
  • Long-lasting low oil prices may have negative impacts for the construction sector and the retail sector in the region.
  • SpareBank 1 SR-Bank expects to make loan loss provisions at NOK 600 – 800 million in 2017. 
  • Solid earnings from a robust business model and capital efficiency indicates SpareBank 1 SR-Bank well positioned to build up the necessary capital going forward, while ensuring continued competitiveness and normalized dividend from 2018.
  • An offensive approach for the future including investing in new technology and focus on accounting services and consulting.


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