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Investor Relations

New ventures in the group in 2017

  • Gründerhub
  • FinStart Nordic AS
  • Establishment of an Oslo branch
  • Cooperation with SpareBank 1 Markets


Sparebank 1 SR-Bank: An offensive approach for the future including investing in new technology and focus on accounting services and consulting

New ventures in the group

Established in Stavanger, Bergen and Kristiansand. The groupcontinues to support entrepreneurs by offering free entrepreneurprogrammes and free office space. The goal is to create an excitingenvironment and processes where people with good ideas can get help totake their idea to the next level and develop their company within 4 months.

FinStart Nordic AS
Start-up 1 January 2018. The company will be a start-upfactory for new ideas and the venture will challenge the bank's own businessmodels. The goal is to develop new services at a faster pace and work moresystematically with innovation in order to follow up the customers'expectations in relation to banking services and assert ourselves in thecompetition with other actors.

Establishment of an Oslo branch – spring 2018. The corporate marketdivision will establish a branch in Oslo in order to be close to the customersand also follow them when their work moves out of the region. The branchwill work with some of our largest corporate customers, where the trend isfor decisions to be taken centrally in Oslo.

Good growth since its start-up in 2015. Inclusive of thelatest acquisition of Regnskapspartner Bergen AS from 1 January 2017. Thecompany expects to achieve a turnover in the region of NOK 100 million in2017 and further growth going forward.

Cooperation with SpareBank 1 Markets from 15 October 2017
This is helping to create a more robust national distribution platform. Thecooperation means we are creating direct ties to one of Norway's best teamsof analysts, while securities brokering on behalf of SR-Bank's customers willlargely continue to take place locally from Stavanger.


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