Code of conduct In SpareBank 1 SR-Bank

1. all staff members have a duty of confidentiality
2. the personal finances of staff members must be in order
3. staff members shall under no circumstances use their position to achieve personal benefit or act in a manner that could harm the Group's reputation
4. all staff members shall actively strive to achieve a good working environment with trust in, and respect for, each other
5. no staff member shall trade in property on their own account in breach of the Group's guidelines
6. no staff member shall trade in securities on their own account in breach of the Group's guidelines
7. all staff members shall be familiar, and comply, with the Group's guidelines for information technology
8. all staff members shall exercise caution in relation to impartiality
9. no staff member may run a private business or sit on the board of a commercial entity of any kind without having informed the Group in writing and obtained its approval
10. special guidelines have been drawn up for whistleblowing
11. the Executive Vice President of Communication and Public Relations bears primary responsibility for all communication with the media
12. failing to comply with the Group's ethical guidelines may have consequences for a staff member's employment