Open APIs

Welcome to SpareBank 1 Alliance’s Developer Portal!

Our mission is to give local entrepreneurs and businesses the opportunity to cooperate, improve their business, and create new customer value with SpareBank 1 APIs. With SpareBank 1 APIs, you can build solutions using the data of SpareBank 1 customers who give their approval. Become a trusted partner of ours to meet customer needs and prepare for the future.

SpareBank 1’s Developer Portal with external test environment will gradually increase in sophistication as we go forward, aiming for a near full service by this summer. During this period, we will continue to onboard selected partners for both APIs in production and test. This version is open for registration of interest and offer access to API-documentation in swagger format. Release of the first version with access to external static test data is planned for in Q2. A full service version with external syntetic/dynamic test data is targeted for Q3.

We strongly believe in the need to learn and cooperate with partners, and appreciate your feedback and will work hard to accommodate valuable comments. So, if you have a great idea for a new business opportunity or just want to test our APIs in your application – please do not hesitate to contact us.