Find your IBAN by writing your account number in the field below. You can also find ours and other banks' BIC (SWIFT) here. 

Some countries require the use of IBAN, whereas in other countries this is optional. If the country you are transferring money to is not in this list, use account number and BIC (SWIFT).

Countries requiring IBAN

Country IBAN
Country code  

Examples of IBAN

Please note! These numbers are examples only and cannot be used

Albania AL 28 AL35202111090000000001234567
Andorra AD 24 AD1400080001004234567890
Austria AT 20 AT483200000012348264
Azerbaijan AZ 28 AZ96AZEJ00000000001237567890
Bahrain BH 22 BH02CITI00001012181611
Belarus BY 28 GR9608100010000001234589890
Belgium BE 16 BE71096123156769
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA 20 BA393387804800211234
Brazil BR 29 BR1500000000000010945840814P2
British Virgin Islands VG 24 VG21PACG0000000123451989
Bulgaria BG 22 BG18RZBB91550123786789
Costa Rica CR 22 CR23015108410094012345
Croatia HR 21 HR1723600001101247565
Cyprus CY 28 CY21002001950000357001344567
Czech Republic CZ 24 CZ5508000000001234582899
Denmark DK 18 DK9520000123896789
Dominican Republic DO 28 DO22ACAU00000000000123411789
East Timor TL 23 TL380010012345664810106
El Salvador SV 28 SV43ACAT00000000000000123113
Estonia EE 20 EE471000001020141185
Faroe Islands FO 18 FO9264600123411789
Finland FI 18 FI1410093000121158
France FR 27 FR7630006000011234567110189
Georgia GE 22 GE60NB0000000123116789
Germany DE 22 DE75512108001245826199
Gibraltar GI 23 GI04BARC000001234589890
Great Britain GB 22 GB33BUKB20201825555555
Greece GR 27 GR9608100010000001234589890
Greenland GL 18 GL8964710123454589
Guatemala GT 28 GT20AGRO00000000001234511890
Hungary HU 28 HU93116000060000000012825676
Iceland IS 26 IS750001121234563178962099
Iraq IQ 23 IQ20CBIQ861800101110500
Ireland IE 22 IE64IRCE92050112347878
Israel IL 23 IL170108000000012452345
Italy IT 27 IT60X0542811101000000145456
Jordan JO 30 JO71CBJO0000000000001236767890
Kazakhstan KZ 20 KZ563190000012349467
Kosovo XK 20 XK051212012345388906
Kuwait KW 30 KW81CBKU0000000000001234940101
Latvia LV 21 LV97HABA0012345678110
Lebanon LB 28 LB92000700000000123128256123
Liechtenstein LI 21 LI7408806123456782012
Lithuania LT 20 LT601010012382678901
Luxembourg LU 20 LU120010001824567891
Macedonia MK 19 MK07200002788223453
Malta MT 31 MT31MALT01100000000000000000813
Mauritania MR 27 MR1300020001010000123482753
Mauritius MU 30 MU43BOMM0108223456789101000MUR
Moldova MD 24 MD21EX000000000001238267
Monaco MC 27 MC5810096180790123456782085
Montenegro ME 22 ME25505000012345828951
The Netherlands NL 18 NL02ABNA0123448789
Norway NO 15 NO8330001234827
Pakistan PK 24 PK36SCBL0000001123459202
Palestine PS 29 PS92PALS000000000400123492702
Poland PL 28 PL10105000997603123456789223
Portugal PT 28 PT50002700000001234592833
Qatar QA 29 QA54QNBA000000000000693182456
Romania RO 24 RO09BCYP0000001234582890
Saint Lucia LC 32 LC14BOSL123456789012345678982234
San Mariano SM 27 SM76P0854009812123456829123
Sao Tome og Principe ST 25 ST23000200000289355710828
Saudi-Arabia SA 24 SA4420000001234567898234
Serbia RS 22 RS35105008123182123173
Seychelles SC 31 SC52BAHL01031234827890123456USD
Slovakia SK 24 SK8975000000000012825671
Slovenia SI 19 SI56192001234582892
Spain ES 24 ES7921000813610123482789
Switzerland CH 21 CH5604835012348278009
Sweden SE 24 SE7280000810340009823242
Tunisia TN 24 TN5904018104004942822345
Turkey TR 26 TR320010009999908234567890
Ukraine UA 29 UA903052992990004149128256789
United Arab Emirates AE 23 AE460090000000123896789

IBAN is not required in these countries, but you can choose to use it

Country IBAN
country code
Examples of IBAN
Please note! These numbers are examples only and cannot be used
Algerie DZ 26 DZ580002100001113000000570
Angola AO 25 AO06004400006729503010102
Benin BJ 28 BJ66BJ0610100100144390000769
Burkina Faso BF 28 BF42BF0840101300463574000390
Burundi BI 16 BI43201011067444
Cameroon CM 27 CM2110002000300277976315008
Cape Verde CV 25 CV64000500000020108215144
Central African Republic  CF 27 CF4220001000010120069700160
Comoros KM 27 KM4600005000010010904400137
Congo CG 27 CG3930011000101013451300019
Djibouti DJ 27 DJ2110002010010409943020008
Egypt EG 27 EG2100037000671002392189379
Equatorial Guinea GQ 27 GQ7050002001003715228190196
Gabon GA 27 GA2140021010032001890020126
Guinea-Bissau GW 25 GW04GW1430010181800637601
Honduras HN 28 HN54PISA00000000000000123124
Iran IR 26 IR710570029971601460641001
Ivory Coast CI 28 CI93CI0080111301134291200589
Madagascar MG 27 MG4600005030071289421016045
Mali ML 28 ML13ML0160120102600100668497
Marocco MA 28 MA64011519000001205000534921
Mosambique MZ 25 MZ59000301080016367102371
Nicaragua NI 32 NI92BAMC000000000000000003123123
Niger NE 28 NE58NE0380100100130305000268
Senegal SN 28 SN08SN0100152000048500003035
Tchad TD 27 TD8960002000010271091600153
Togo TG 28 TG53TG0090604310346500400070


BIC (SWIFT) is the bank's international code or address.

If you are making an international payment, you can find the BIC for the recipient's bank here.

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