Online Banking

With online banking you can create accounts and order debit cards. To get started with online banking you will need BankID.

The sign up process is only available in Norwegian. The online bank is in English.

What is BankID?

BankID is personal electronic credentials offered by Norwegian banks, and used by 900 000 people in Norway every day.

BankID is linked with your social security number and used for identification and signing online documents.

For legal and safety reasons, you will have to be over 18 years or above and visit your local branch to identify yourself with your passport in order to be issued BankID.

Already have personal BankID?

If you already have personal BankID, you can sign up with us from one of the following options:

Sign up for personal banking online, visit one of our local branches or call 915 07300 (in Norway) or +47 915 07300 (if abroad)

For businesses: visit one of our local branches or call 915 07303 (in Norway) or +47 915 07303 (if abroad)

Blocking your card

Have you lost your card or think others have gotten hold of your PIN?

Block your card as soon as possible.

Or call 915 07300, or from abroad: +47 915 07300, and we will help you.

Has your card been misused?

Log in to online banking and report the incident to the police. If your card has been misused, you can easily let us know via online banking or the mobile banking app.  

How to block and report misuse in your online- or mobile bank:

Choose "Card" (Kort) in the menu.

  • To block a card, choose "Block card" (Sperre kort). 
  • If your card has been misused, choose "Dispute" (Reklamasjon). Fill in and send us the required information and we will help you from there. If you have not already blocked your card, sending your claim will automatically block it.

Has a blocked card turned up?

Unless you ordered a new card when you blocked it, you can re-activate your card here.

If it is your credit card, you have the option of unblocking it within 48 hours after blocking it. After this time, a new card will automatically be issued and sent to you.

Unblock card

If you do not have online or mobile banking, or you are unable to log in, call us on (+47) 915 07300 for help.

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