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This is where you’ll find the information you need to become a bank customer with SpareBank 1 Gudbrandsdal.

How to get BankID?

BankID is a personal electronic ID card for secure identification and signing online.
To obtain BankID with us, you must have received a Norwegian personal identification number. Additionally, you need to have a valid passport or ID card with RFID technology. High language proficiency in Norwegian or English is preferred when utilizing BankID. Visit one of our offices to obtain more information if this is suitable for you.

We must know our customers

SpareBank 1 Gudbrandsdal is obligated to help prevent financial crimes. To do this, we need to know our customers, ensuring that you are who you claim to be. Therefore, we require you to provide valid identification when becoming a customer.

Proof of identity:

To become a customer at SpareBank 1 Gudbrandsdal, you need to prove your identity. You do this by showing valid ID and documents. Bring an interpreter if you can't communicate in Norwegian or English.

Become a customer