Corporate governance

Corporate governance at SpareBank 1 SMN encompasses the values, goals and overarching principles by which the Group is governed and controlled with a view to safeguarding owners’, depositors’, and other stakeholder groups’ interests in the Bank.

Corporate governance

Through its corporate governance policy the Bank aims to assure sound management of its assets and give added assurance that its stated goals and strategies will be attained and realised. Good corporate governance at SpareBank 1 SMN encompasses the values, goals and overarching principles by which the Bank is governed and controlled with a view to securing the interests of ECC holders, depositors and other stakeholder groups in the Bank. The Bank adheres to the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance to the extent appropriate to savings banks with equity capital certificates. The Code of Practice is available at

Read more about corporate governance in the annual report (2018).

Regulations on remuneration schemes at financial institutions

SpareBank 1 SMN will maintain a remuneration scheme that fulfils internal requirements and is in compliance with “Regulations on remuneration schemes at financial institutions, investment firms and management companies”. With a background in section 3 second paragraph of those regulations, SpareBank 1 SMN has published information on the Bank’s remuneration scheme. 

Read the report Remuneration policy (pdf)

Corporate social responsibility

As a major regional bank, SpareBank 1 SMN lives in close community with the region. Ever since the Bank was established in 1823, further development of the society of which we are a part has been a central focus of our policy choices and dispositions. With our local knowledge and closeness to our customers, we base our assessments not on economics and risk alone but also on a social perspective, and we work closely with our customers and local communities to foster sound businesses and good living conditions. 

Read more about corporate social responsibility in the annual report (2018).